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 Action Officers


  [item title="Procedures in the Filing, Processing, and Approval of Application for Leave of Absence"]


  [item title="Procedures in the Availment, Processing, and Approval of Application for Leave of Absence on Special Cases"]


[item title="Procedures in the Filing, Processing, and Approval of Application for Monetization of Leave Credits"]


[item title="Employee Guide on Official Working Hours and Office Attendance"]

Employee Guide on Official Working Hours and Office Attendance


[item title="Employee Guide on Leave of Absence"]

Employee Guide on Leave of Absence


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[item title="Laws, Policies & Orders"]

Department Order No.2012-06
Revision of Department Order No.2012-22 on the Rendition and Payment of Overtime Services.

Office Order No. 2012-02
Implementation of CSC Memorandum Circular No.2, s.2012, Special Emergency Leave to Government Employees Affected by Natural Calamities/ Disasters

Office Order No. 2011-20
Revised Integrated Policy on Time/ Attendance Monitoring and Leave Administration for the Employees of the Department of Transportation and Communications - Central Office

Department Order No. 2009-26
Monitoring of Attendance of Officials and/or Presidential Appointees, Leave Administration, and Guidelines and Procedures in the Designation of Officer-In-Charge (OICs)


[item title="Frequently Asked Questions"]

1. What is unauthorized or unfiled leave?
Both mean the same, being absent from work without approved leave.

2. What is the effect of unauthorized/unfiled leave?
All officials and employees who are absent without approved leave shall not be entitled to receive their salaries
corresponding to the period of their unauthorized absence pursuant to Section 50 of Rule XVI of Executive Order No. 292.

3. What is the prescribed filing period for leaves of absence?
All applications for leaves of absence should be filed five (5) days before the actual leave except sick leave which is usually
filed upon return to work and must be submitted within 6th working day to the Personnel Division.

4. What is the effect of late filing/submission of approved leave?
Failure of officials and employees to submit their approved leave applications to the Personnel Division within the allowable
period of filing/submission will render such leave as unauthorized leave and the period of absence shall be deducted from
their salaries.

5. When is advance filing of application for sick leave necessary?
For scheduled operation and/or advice to rest due to employee's illness, the leave application shall be submitted prior to the
effectivity of such leave, to be supported by a Medical Certificate issued by the attending physician indicating therein the
License Number, name of Hospital/clinic Address, Telephone Number, tax Identification Number, duly noted by the
Department Physician.

6. What is Forced Leave?
Officials and employees with ten (10) days or more vacation leave credits shall be required to go on vacation leave whether
continuous or intermittent for a minimum of five (5) working days annually .

7. What will happen if officials and employees with more than ten (10) days vacation leave credits do not go on
Forced Leave?
The mandatory annual five-day vacation leave shall be forfeited if not taken during the year. The same shall be deducted from
the official's and employee's accumulated vacation leave credits even not enjoyed.

8. When are officials and employees, with less than ten (10) days vacation leave credits still required to go on
Forced Leave?
Officials and employees with accumulated vacation leave credits with less than ten (10) days shall have the option to go on
forced leave or not. However, officials and employees with less than ten (10) days vacation leave credits who availed of
monetization shall still be required to go on forced leave.

9. What will happen if the scheduled Forced leave was cancelled in the exigency of the service?
In cases where the scheduled leave has been cancelled in the exigency of the service, the scheduled leave not enjoyed shall
no longer be deducted from the accumulated vacation leave credits.

10. When is Special Privilege Leave (SPL) allowed to be filed after its availment?
Application for SPL should be filed five (5) days prior to its availment. However, SPL on emergency cases shall be filed
within the day upon return to work, and the supervisor/office should be informed of the reason for availing such leave.

11. Can everyone avail of the Parental Leave (Republic Act No. 8972 - Solo Parent Act)?
Parental Leave refers to seven (7) days leave of absence granted to a solo parent who has the sole custody and
responsibility of the child/ren annually over and above the vacation, sick, maternity, special privilege leaves provided the
parent has rendered at least one (1) year of service regardless of employment status.
It is non-convertible to cash and non-cumulative, and the application shall be filed five (5) days before the leave. In case of
emergency however, it shall be filed within the day upon return to work.

12. How can a solo parent avail of the Parental Leave?
The solo parent shall submit to the Personnel Division a Solo Parent Identification Card or Certification issued/validated by
the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) within the month of January every year. Non- submission of the
ID or Certification thereof shall render the concerned employee disqualified to avail of such leave.

13. Can every female official/employee avail of the Special Leave Benefits for Women (Republic Act No. 9710
Magna Carta of Women)?
It is only granted to those female public sector official/employee who undergo surgery due to gynaecological disorder,
regardless of age and civil status, for a maximum of two (2) months with full pay based on her gross monthly compensation,
provided she has rendered at least six (6) months aggregate service in any or various government agencies for the last
twelve (12) months prior to undergoing surgery.

14. What is Special Emergency Leave (SEL)?
SEL refers to five (5) days leave of absence granted to those officials and employees directly affected by natural calamities
and disasters.
SEL may be availed of within thirty (30) days from the first day of calamity declaration by proper government
agencies/authorities. It may be applied for five (5) straight/continuous working days or on staggered basis and will not be
deducted from the official's or employee's leave credits, for any of the following purposes:
• urgent repair and clean-up of damaged house
• being stranded in affected areas
• disease/illness of employees brought by natural calamity/disaster
• caring of immediate family members affected by natural calamity/disaster